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Been listening to the audiobook for Fortune’s Pawn over the course of last week while coloring PvZ, and I felt compelled to do a sketch of Devi Morris.

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A Cat Can Dream, Ya Know?

Birthday gift for a friend and her cat who just wants get on the pole sometimes.

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Watercolor Everywhere

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Crazy Dave

Since those last two PvZ watercolors I posted about were so enjoyable I decided that I was going to do one more, just for the fun of it!  This time it’s Crazy Dave! Once again, I’m going to run you through my process, albeit faster, since this painting didn’t give me any detours or backtracks that […]

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Plants Vs. Zombies Watercolors: Nate

For context on these paintings, please refer to my previous post on the Patrice painting I did in this pair. This will be a faster run-through of the process since a lot of this was covered in the last post. Step 1: Roughs The roughs for this illustration took two passes, but I didn’t scan […]

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Plants Vs Zombies Watercolors: Patrice

One of the perks of my job coloring Plants Vs. Zombies is that I get comp copies of each book I color.  I always make sure to send a copy to a pair of brothers my partner nannies, Silas and Leo.  They’ve really been enjoying the books.  After giving them a copy of Plants Vs. […]

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To Be Painted

It’s been a while since I last updated on here, but don’t worry, I haven’t been hibernating.   Rather I’ve been busy as a bee during this cold, cold winter working on several different projects including Trailer Park Warlock Episode 10, The Feeling Is Multiplied, some new Plants vs. Zombies books, secret projects, and everything you […]

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Bruce and Fabio

So Bambi finally found his forever home, but there’s still three other pets taking roost in our house.  These two, are the guinea pigs, Fabio (the long-haired one) and Bruce.  Like with Bambi I wanted to imagine how their personalities would fit into a video game of some sort.  Fabio is definitely the extroverted strong […]

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Diller Derby

 Christmas present for my friends, Everett and Meredith!

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Birthday Watercolor

  A birthday present for my partner, Blue! We both play League of Legends a fair amount, so I made a watercolor  of my partner wielding the mighty machine gauntlets of one of her favorite characters, Vi. 

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