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The Pickler

  The last in my set of watercolor paintings themed on pickles.  New subject matter and horizons to explore soon.

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He Farms What He Is


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Out Amidst The Deep And Briney

    As fall sets into winter, remind yourself of the warm and lazy days with this ocean going pickle!

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Lonewolf Bambi

  This is a digital sketch I did inspired by my current foster dog, Bambi.  He’s a chihuahua who was originally a stray rescued in Los Angeles, and we started fostering him a couple months back through My Way Home Dog Rescue.  Through these months of taking care of Bambi, we’ve learned a lot about […]

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Out Of The Jar And Onto The Moon

  I saw Interstellar the other day.

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Queen Of The Ferment

    Some more paintings, 3 left to do of this set. They are, in fact, already drawn, now I just need to slap some paint on them.  So many projects to juggle these days, its an odd mixture of fun and frustration.  

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Pickles Take It Easy

    More to come, my plan is to do 12 of these absurdities and call it a day.  Who knows, maybe they’ll go on tour!

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Our Most Blessed of Vegetables

 Three more yet to come, but I’m starting off this set with some fermented transcendence. 

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Cherno Alpha

My friend, Rhiannon R.S. had her birthday recently so I made her a watercolor of her favorite team from Pacific Rim.  I wish there was more Cherno Alpha in that movie…

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And Steven

  Thus concluding my Steven Universe sketch series.  I think my next goal is to draw original characters in Manga Studio and sharpen up my character design skills.  Stay tuned!

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