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  More Steven Universe fan-art as I learn my way around Manga Studio’s little niches, nooks, and crannies.

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Pickles Of The Past

   More pickle paintings for you to ponder upon.

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  Manga Studio sketches continue, I think I’m just going to do all the main characters from Steven Universe. I mean, why not, right?

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Pickle Paintings For Your Perusal

  Yep. More of these weird pickle watercolor paintings.  It’s just something I’m going to be doing for a little while.  I’m not entirely sure why it appeals to me, but this side project is really fun!

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Sasha is the best.

  Watercolor for my friend, and Plants Vs. Zombies assistant editor, Roxy!

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Wedding Water Colors

  A pair of watercolors presented as wedding gifts for my friends.  Both are deeply connected to a mock art-noise band I was part of in high school.  It was without doubt, the worst band ever, but these characters were a lot of fun to draw.

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This one’s quite a pickle…

  A set of watercolors I made for my friends Katy and Max for their birthdays.

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  My friend Nikki had their birthday recently.  I had found out recently that Nikki was really into Promethea, a comic book by Alan Moore that really influenced me after college.  It’s pretty much Alan Moore’s entire philosophy and inspirations compiled into 5 books, it’s weird, it’s fascinating, and incredibly new-agey but it was a […]

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Plants Vs. Zombies Vs. Street Fighter

This was a gift to my friend, Ron Chan, for his birthday.  We both worked on Plants Vs Zombies: Lawnmeggeddon (Ron: Pencils and Inks, Me: Colors) and are both big fans of that game as well as Street Fighter (I’m a particularly big fan of SF3), so it seemed natural to bring the two together. […]

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One Dog Takes To The Catwalk

This is Henry. Our neighbor has a friend who is going through a major life-changing illness and  Henry is that person’s therapy dog.   I hope that this painting will supply some amount of pleasant distraction for that person as they go through what is undoubtedly a difficult set of circumstances. If you have an […]

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