Learning Manga Studio


Jake Baker doodle in Manga Studio

Garnet from the show, Steven Universe.  If you're shows like Adventure Time or Regular Show, this is up your alley.

Garnet from the show, Steven Universe. 


I’ve seen a lot of artists have some great results with Manga Studio.  A lot of people praise it for making the comics making process generally more streamlined. I’m definitely digging Manga Studio 5’s fill bucket feature, because it makes flatting Plants Vs. Zombies SO MUCH FASTER.  But I haven’t really used it much for making my own stuff. I’ve never really been all that into working digitally (which is a rough place to be if you’re going to be a colorist, right?) so I’ve been spending a little more time accompanying myself with Manga Studio and figuring out its little nooks and crannies. I’m liking it, and I may be using it more for future projects, the program definitely is designed for comic artists, but my major complaint is: Really, default all of my color files to RGB???  I know print isn’t exactly the norm anymore, but people are still putting stuff to paper…

Anyway, I like it, and prepare yourself for more MS sketches as I get myself accompanied with the program.