Lonewolf Bambi

Lone Wolf BambiLone Wolf Bambi


This is a digital sketch I did inspired by my current foster dog, Bambi.  He’s a chihuahua who was originally a stray rescued in Los Angeles, and we started fostering him a couple months back through My Way Home Dog Rescue

Through these months of taking care of Bambi, we’ve learned a lot about him.  His likes, his dislikes, how much of a jerk he can be, and also how incredibly lovable and snuggly he can be, too.  He’s a complicated dog with a tragic past!  So anyway, all of this exposure to him gave me an idea for a sketch going something like, “what would Bambi be like if he were a cartoon action/videogame character” and this is what I came up with.   Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Rather coincidentally, right after I finished this sketch, I got an e-mail that somebody applied to adopt Bambi!  It’s an end of an era. Well, maybe.  You too can apply to adopt Bambi (If you live in the Portland, Oregon area) through My Way Home Dog Rescue where you can find out more about him and see a picture of the dog himself!